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Client :
Oman Refinery Company
Civil Construction , Oil, Gas & Power ,


Brief Description of the Work undertaken by BEC Group

Civil, Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation construction works.


Salient Features

  • Survey and setting out of equipment / pipe rack foundations, excavation/back-filling, substation building, concreting works (3,500 M3 of Concrete) for equipment / pipe rack, fireproofing, etc.
  • Fabrication, erection, hydrotest, flushing and re-instatement of Piping (52.6 kilometers) in carbon steel and stainless steel (½ inch dia to 24 inch dia) with 100,000 inch dia of Welding.
  • Fabrication and erection of Structural Steel (650 tons)
  • Heavy Lift operation of 725 tons (Heaviest Lift: 106.9 tons, Highest Lift: 56 metres)
  • Erection, cleaning, final inspection and box-up of 135 Equipments (including 35 Heat Exchangers, 2 Pumps, 6 Fin Fan Coolers, 3 Compressors, 1 Fired Heater, 4 Reactors, 4 Columns, 2 Tanks, etc).
  • Electrical cable tray works, cable pulling (41 kilometers), installation of transformers and panels, earthing, lighting all associated electrical works including inspection and testing.
  • Instrumentation cable tray works, cable pulling (72 kilometers), conduit works, fabrication / installation of ducts and supports, calibration of tagged items, air piping. Instrumentation works including inspection and testing.
  • Grit Blasting, Painting and Insulation
  • Commissioning Assistance