At BEC Group, sustainable development is inherent within everything we do. We apply good practices on each of our projects, in co-operation with our clients & brand partners, and sustainable development is integral to our work. We apply the principles of sustainable development throughout the supply chain and across all the phases of the project life cycle. 

Solar & Wind Energy 

BEC Group has been involved in helping clients with environmentally sustainable projects and products for many years. We have been the pioneer in solar energy initiatives in Oman. We have invested in and developed Oman’s first and only PV Solar Plant feeding power to a public grid. We are working on various other opportunities to exploit the nation’s abundant Solar Irradiance, aimed at conservation of depleting fossil energy resources.BEC Group is also working closely with international contractors to develop country’s Wind Energy potential.

Green Partnerships 

Our Brand partners like Carrier, OTIS, Cummins etc. are some of the world leaders in Green initiative and support our vision of a greener world through their products such as Carrier Evergreen Chillers,Armstrong Design Envelope Pumps,Cummins low emission Engines and OTIS Gen2 Regen elevators.