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Client :
Dhofar Power Company
Civil Construction , MEP , Oil, Gas & Power ,


Brief Description of the Work undertaken by BEC Group

Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation and HVAC Installation of 6 Nos. GE PG6581B Gas Turbines & Associated Works.


Salient Features

  • Erection of 26 metres exhaust stack, ventilation, compressor off-line washing system, airline intake system of Donaldson GDX filters
  • All ductwork and cladding
  • Gas turbine auxiliaries and controls
  • Fire protection and alarm systems
  • Relocation of existing LM2500 gas turbine and associated equipment to new location
  • Natural gas supply system with flow metering, fuel filtration system, K.O. vessels, regulation, etc.
  • Liquid fuel system with fuel forwarding and unloading pumps and associated piping.
  • Compressed air systems consisting of 2 Nos. Screw Compressor service air headers, pulse air systems.
  • Firefighting System
  • Plant Water System
  • Compressor Wash Skid
  • Effluent Treatment System
  • Black Start Facility including 2 Nos. D.G. Sets
  • Associated Electrical and Instrumentation Works for the Gas Turbines, Generators and BOP Equipment.
  • Painting & Insulation
  • Non Destructive Testing
  • Commissioning Assistance