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Client :
Sohar Aluminum
Civil Construction , Water & Waste Water ,
Project Partner :


Brief Description of the Work undertaken by BEC Group

Construction works jointly carried out by Bechtel & BCC.

General Design & Technology:

360 Pot AP35G Aluminium Smelter,

350,000 TPA nominal capacity with Pot amperage of 350KVA (Nom). Smelter also includes Paste Plant, Anode Baking Furnace, Anode Rodding, Bath Treatment, Hot Butt Cleaning, Casting of Ingots and Sows along with associated infrastructure and Port facilities.


Scope of Work:

  • Site Preparation
  • Reduction Facilities for 360 Pot Potline, GTC’s
  • Main Substation and Rectifiers
  • Green Anode Production
  • Anode Baking Furnace and FTC’s
  • Anode Rodding
  • Bath Treatment and Hot Butt Cleaning
  • Casthouse
  • General Administration and Service Facilities
  • Utilities and Infrastructure
  • Port Facilities


Water & Waste Water

Design & Build 1,000m3/day MBR (Membrane Bio Reactor) STP to treat sewage generated during the construction phase of the project and later the operating facilities of Sohar Aluminium.The plant uses Kubota Flat sheet Membranes.Disinfection of TSE (Treated Sewage Water) is by UV disinfection and excess sludge is dewatered by a Centrifuge.